Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Farewell, you fugly feral forms (except you, purplecat)

Patch 3.2 is upon us.

Never again will we glance upon the twisted visage of a Tauren "cat".

No longer will our bears' jaws sag and droop like so much saggy, droopy stuff.

Our feral forms are finally being replaced with shiny new models, after years of complaints (mostly about rampant, chronic lockjaw). It's not just a reskin, either - this is a full revamp. We're getting more polys.

I have to say, I'm slightly sad. Don't get me wrong - I'm very excited for the new forms, I think they look great; but I can't help feeling a little sad about losing the look that we have had for such a long time. Definitely want them gone - but still sad to see them go!

So, I decided to give our old forms a bit of a send off. I shipped all of my Caelestrasz druids (yes, all four of them!) to the Barrens for a bit of a photo opportunity. All of my Cael girls in the one spot, together, to say goodbye to the forms we have lived in and loved (or perhaps endured, loathed, switched to first person mode..) for the past few years.

And, through the magic that is Photoshop, I can share the moment with you all.

From left to right:
Keeva, my beloved Tauren; Drucie, my baby feral; Caoimhe, the Elf who started this whole crazy thing; and Kiiva, the newcomer.

Farewell, you fugly forms (except you, purplecat). In a strange way, I'll miss you.


Lath said...

I know exactly how your feeling... as much as I'm excited about the spiffy new white cat/bear forms(that match my beautiful white elf tresses), it also saddens me a little bit that another piece of WoW will soon be forgotten. In a couple of months I'll have forgotten how I used to look as a bear or cat except for when I do my yearly clean out of screenshots and have that moment of nostalgia :(

Keeva said...

That's why I wanted to get a snap - our current gear, my hairstyles, our old feral forms... in a few months, it will all be so foreign!

Delleyntar said...

its a sad sad day when all we know and love will soon be forgotten in a few months. But beautiful screen shots, They are now captured in time as lowly memories


Kae said...

Aww that's sweet :) I love your photoshop job!

I will miss my purplecat catform too, the NE kitties are very nice!

Roszmairta on AP(US) said...

Aww, what a great idea! I don't know that I even *have* a picture of my Nelf bear (though I'm a bear tank!) Must take pictures!

Shayzani said...

Even if I try I can't summon up any kind of positive emotion for that nasty tauren kitty form.

I will miss that cross-eyed purplekitty but now maybe I'll be able to tolerate playing a Horde druid. >.<

Two said...

I did miss my old form when i first logged in and my cat was white with a pink patch of fur on her head, bloody stupid looking. but i think im looking okay now lol

Mel said...

goodbye old forms! /wave

Im a little jealous of night elf bears, they look so great. I have a baby nelf druid on Khazgoroth who is almost level 30 and i love her forms.

Took me a while on Amarant to decide which colours i liked best.

Here's to looking beautiful while tanking. /bottom up

Keeva said...

I found a happy medium.

Keeva is white, and I didn't want to change her dramatically. She's always been a white cow.

.. but I don't like the white kitty/bear.

HOWEVER - playing around in the barber shop I discovered that the off-white skin tone makes Keeva look almost no different, but her cat/bear to look AWESOME.


Mel said...

I feel like the image of the white bear in the preview looks a lot better than it does in reality. And the white cat is pretty ugly imo.

The only combination Ive been really happy with is the dark brown bear/cat. I like how the skin tone looks in caster form too. Yay!