Monday, August 10, 2009

Raptormania Part Deux: When Boredom Attacks

Got bored. Went to Wailing Caverns to farm raptors, despite having earlier said something to the effect of "screw Wailing Caverns, I hate that place, I'll just buy the pet."

But I was bored, and an instance is the one place that you can farm by yourself without five billion other people camping the mobs that you need - so I figured I'd give it a shot and see how easy it was to do. As much as I LOATHE this instance, I discovered that the part in which you farm the raptors is right inside the instance door, and you just run in a big, straightforward circuit. You don't need to go deep into the bowels of the instance (as I had feared). The whole thing takes around 5 minutes per run and is actually FUN.

I know - I was shocked, too.

Without further ado, here's my ultra top secret method for farming Deviate Hatchlings:

  • Ignore all of the raptors outside the instance portal - they don't drop the pet. The ones you want are immediately inside the instance.
  • Turn thorns OFF.
  • Remember: nothing in an instance will leash. Run through every raptor you see. The room is basically a big rectangle - just run right around the whole thing, gathering every mob.
  • When you have them all, Hurricane or kitty Swipe as appropriate.
  • Loot the sparklies.


Now, I may just be crazy lucky, but those three came from just two runs, out of 5 runs total (I got two on my fourth run, and another on my fifth run). I kept one (that makes 87 pets) and I am going to sell the other two while the prices are up. Obviously these are one of the easier raptor pets to farm, so the price of them probably won't stay very high for long (at the moment - 2000g to 4000g). I suspect they will plateau somewhere in the low hundreds - it's still annoying to have to go to WC in the first place, after all.

I don't really intend to farm for the ones that drop from elites.. too many people camping them already, and it's too stressful to sit there and watch the spawn point for hours, waiting to mash your moonfire button. I'd rather do a few days of dailies and buy them at inflated prices, to be perfectly honest.

(If you're on Cael and you have one to sell, drop me a line. I buy and trade!)

Isn't he cute?

Aww, bless.

DISCLAIMER: I cannot be held responsible for any raptor-related maulings which may result in injuries ranging from feelings of mild discomfort to death. Raptors are wild animals and should be respected (I recommend paying particular respect to their pointy ends).

Remember: raptors run at 10m/s and they do not know fear.

Boy howdy are they cute though! /chin tickle


Corgii said...

I myself camped the Darting Hatchling yesterday; he's adorable!!! His special animation is so cute, too. Worth every minute spent in Dustwallow ><

Now I think I'll go farm a few of those myself tonight since our raid got canceled; I really need money >_<

Keeva said...

I want Takk.. but when I logged in yesterday morning, he was dead on the ground.. /CRY

Notabear said...

Boy Howdy, indeed.

Corgii said...

My guildy had killed Takk after he killed Dart, so I went there right after but... there were already a few people there waiting. Maybe later on I'll go look for him again. I want to get all of them before I go selling any; They're SO cute!

Keeva said...

I keep checking the AH, but all I get is this:

Obsidian Hatchling x 50 billion (100-200g) (preying on people who don't know they can buy them in Dalaran)

Darting Hatchling - 4000g
Deviate Hatchilng - 3500g

I'd probably pay 1000-2000 for the rare elite ones. 4000 is a bit of a stretch.

I'm happy that I at least farmed one of them for myself. The rest.. I will probably just buy. I don't really have the time to stand around for hours, waiting for a spawn.. easier to just buy them, in my case :)

Anonymous said...

That is so much fun. When I decided to go back through all the old world instances for achievements, I did pretty much the same thing with trying to grab the entire instance including bosses and then aoe them all at the end.

It did turn bad in some instances when I came across mobs which knock you down. Grabbing sufficient numbers of them to chain-knockdown or spell-interrupt was not fun.

Imalinata said...

I thought 2-4k gold was expensive, but then I spent the last hour and a half trying to get in (and I'm still not in). When I finally get an instance, if I get more than one, 2-4k gold is totally justified in my mind. :D

Keeva said...

Yuck, I'm so glad my server doesn't have those horrible instance problems. I didn't even know it was an issue until recently.

And really, when you think about it, you can earn 500g per day just from doing dailies and not much else. Plus I supplement that with my professions and playing the AH a little (I dabble). So really it would only take a few days for me to be able to afford them, and that's at the super-inflated prices that we're seeing now.

So I don't think people will mind paying 2-4k.

I'd say the one from rare elites will settle at around the 1-2k mark. While they are limited spawns, it's a 100% drop - whereas something like a whelpling has plenty of mobs for you to farm, but a random drop rate.

So I think the prices for these elite raptors will be around the same as a whelpling... but it might take a little while.

We'll see :)

Alaron said...

Man, I saw this post in my blog reader, and was all like, hey, I should go do that and make some G...then I realized which blog I was reading. Doh.

-Alaron, the ORIGINAL lvl80 Alliance Druid blogger on Cael. (Not some plucky imitator. Pah.) :)

Keeva said...


Still, I got mine on Keeva, horde side - I think you'd get more money Alliance side, since they're from the Barrens and a bit more annoying for the Alliance to get.

philippad said...
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Lath said...

Thanks for this - I didn't realise the drop rate was so good :) Got mine 2nd run of WC.

Anonymous said...

Grats Keeva!

I am also taking your boat, I may farm the non-rare spawns, but I intend to purchase the rare spawns from the AH. I will pay ~1500-2000g for the rare ones, just so I don't have to farm them.

Lord knows that I farmed enough pets while getting my oozling, firefly and whelplings. I have enough gold stocked up in the bank, and can easily enough replace it that I may just forgo the farming altogether and buy them all as I find them!

I've already gotten two of the four rare hatchlings! If I am remembering correctly I have the darting and the razormaw ones =)

Good Luck!

Adeanna said...

grats on getting the deviate hatchling. and thank you for this helpful and entertaining post (i like your disclaimer at the end, lol). i'll be adding this to my to-do list. :D

Galillidon said...

Yep you got lucky in WC, I spent four hours killing the mobs (19 resets) and got a grand total of 0 Deviate Hatchlings :(... I have too much spare time

Notabear said...

I hate you all. 16 runs and not one drop.


Instance Servers Are Full. Additional Instances Cannot Be Launched. Please Try Again Later.

^ Spammed 60 times each attempt.

Xanatos said...

I think these raptors are pretty cool guys. They run real fast and doesn't afraid anything.