Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Wild Growth bug fixed! Wait, no..

Resto druids have a long-standing (it's been months, now) problem with Wild Growth not playing nice with our mouseover macros. The digest version of the story, if you're not aware, is that if you have a dead or out-of-range person targeted and you try to cast Wild Growth using a mouseover macro, the Wild Growth won't fire (you'll just get a "your target is dead" or similar error).

There are ways around it, specifically a /canceltarget macro:
/cast [target=mouseover]Wild Growth
..but it's incredibly annoying to have to use clumsy workarounds when the issue shouldn't be hard to fix (GC even said that himself).

Edit: the above macro may not be correct - if it doesn't work, try this one:
/cast [target=mouseover,noharm,exists] Wild Growth

This one comes from Restokin from a while ago. (PS - ignore my comments on that Restokin post - I thought my own macro at the time worked, but it turned out I was just lucky enough to go a long time without noticing the problem.)

After months and months, druids are still wondering what's going on. Why isn't it fixed? What's the hold-up?

Then GC said this today, and I had to laugh:
I was going to post that we fixed this, because we did. But I'm glad that I didn't because sometime during the 3.2 patch it broke again.

Sometimes when we don't address simple things head on, it's for reasons like this. We'll try to get it fixed (again) as soon as we understand what happened.

It's a serious issue that we want fixed.. but this really made me giggle. Glad they finally gave us word on what's going on, though.

Back to waiting!


Bell said...


Funny yet sad!

Kayeri said...

Admittedly, I've only been using a healing add-on (trying Vuhdo) a few weeks, but I cant say I've noticed this much, oddly... but I can see when someone is out of range so maybe I just havent been in the situation...

Treediculas said...

This is actually a bug with all styles of healing (i think). I currently use Click2Cast (clique)and have the same annoying issue every single night... It really sucks to have to break ones concentration because I have Razorscale targeted and she has flown to the other side of the room.

I think she does it on purpose! Blast you.... Wenchy Proto Drakes....

Corgii said...

Well at least they're annoying!

After my Computer Science class last semester, I fully understand how, during coding, fixing one thing can break several others.

Hopefully they fix it soon! It is rather annoying :l

Malstram said...

I havent been doing a whole lot of instancing lately but I did notice this issue but I chaulked it up to something wrong with my mods...nice to know I'm not crazy. Now if they would only fix it. :)

Anonymous said...

Huh, I just tried your work around of:

/cast [target=mouseover]Wild Growth

And it doesn't cancel the target at all.. thus doing effectively nothing to help the error.

Did you type it correctly? I was hopeful there for a second I had found a ghetto fix for this obnoxious error!

Keeva said...

Anon - I stole the macro directly from the forum thread, admittedly without checking or testing, because A) I'm at work, and B) I haven't raided for a while so the bug doesn't happen enough for me to worry about it too much (although I still want it fixed!)

I don't actually use the macro, but I knew other people did, so I just stole it and pasted it in. It's possible that one is written incorrectly.

I've edited the entry to add another one that Lissanna found (a long time ago) that apparently works.

Thanks for pointing it out :)