Friday, October 31, 2008

Living seed - fixed in 3.0.3

Cheroba on the beta server Lich King asked:

..if my target is brought up to full health before the next hit after living seed is placed on a target...they get zero healing, wastes the seed, and then take damage. How is that effective? Earth shield was awesome in that it provided an extra buffer...I thought that was the point of living seed.

GC comes to the rescue with this welcome news:

This part should be fixed in the 3.0.3 build -- it should be consistent with Earth Shield. I believe we even hotfixed it. Can anyone confirm?

The part about it being effective healing is by design.

I think we all knew they would have to fix it, it was a terrible bug... ugh.

Now if we can just convince GC that we neeeeeeed Replenish put on Wild Growth... *bats lashes*


Phaelia said...

Omh, that would be wonderful. Unfortunately, doing so would require a rework of the spell since WG has the potential to proc every second while Rejuvenation can only proc once every three seconds. Each spell would need to be assigned a different proc rate, or Rejuvenation removed altogether. OoooooooooOOOOOOOOOOoooor they just leave the proc rate the way it is and look the other way. Hey, what's that behind you, GC? I think it's some tasty looking algae. OM NOM NOM!

Keeva said...

I know it's unlikely, but I would love it. Perhaps just make it really weak on WG procs (since you're throwing it on so many people and ticking every second) and stronger on Rejuv - but yes, that would be a little more complicated.

Still a girl can dream.

Camel said...

PErsonally I would love a talent that gave other hots a chance of lifeblooming the target =P I'd make the best most unbiased developer in the world =D