Monday, December 29, 2008

Loremaster takes a long time

... especially if you're a rerolled character.

But, it's finally done, I have the achievement and I'm so glad. I'm far too stubborn to let something like that go; I couldn't leave it with 50 quests left - I had to finish it. Along the way I finally got attuned for Onyxia, got my UBRS key, Keymaster achievement, and my Maraudon scepter. I got the achievement for 3000 quests, too.

Kalimdor is HARD. Especially hard, as mentioned, if you're a rerolled character. I had none of my Brood or Hydraxian rep to help me, none of my old quest chains completed. At least, I suppose, I knew the quests and could remember where to go for each.. but after levelling 6 or so characters through Azeroth it can become difficult to remember whether I picked up that yeti fur that starts a quest, and how many of the suicidal metal chickens I escorted through Feralas, Tanaris and the Hinterlands.

Still, I got there in the end.. and I never want to do that ever ever again!

For those of you who do, though, here are some tips.

1. This thread is extremely valuable. It will prompt and prod you to recall all of the tiny, out of the way, obscure quests that you may have missed, or ones you were never aware of. When you get down to your last 50 or so, and you're starting to scrape the bottom of the barrel, this will be a life saver.

2. Do Eastern Kingdoms first. EK is much easier than Kalimdor, and many of the EK quest chains lead to Kalimdor. If you do EK first, you're more likely to pick up extra Kalimdor quests.

3. You may need to do multiple sweeps - sometimes completing quests will open up quests elsewhere.

4. Don't forget to turn your low-level quest tracking on!

5. Use your Wowhead filters to check all available quests per zone. For example, here's Azuremyst Isle. Then for each zone you can sort by faction to see if you have missed any quests.

6. Don't forget new hubs - have you visited Mudsprocket yet? Turns out I had missed these quests (Keeva was past them when they were released) but I thought I had done them because I remember them - must have been on my hunter/mage/other druid, though. Don't trust your memory, go back and check.

7. Wowhead is your friend. Many quests don't seem to count - comments will tell you if they definitely don't. These comments can save you a lot of time, travelling and disappointment. Some dungeon quests count and some don't - for example, in Dire Maul, the Broken Trap quest doesn't count, but the Ogre Suit one does (and they are almost identical), and this is where Wowhead can really save you a lot of frustration and wasted time.

8. Also, long quest chains may count for one continent and then swap to another. The heading in your quest log will tell you what the quest should count towards. Eg a quest might start in Orgrimmar, but be listed as "Eastern Plaguelands" in your log. In this case, it will count towards EK because it is listed as EPL, not Orgrimmar.

9. The Tier 0.5 quest line is worth about 8 quests, and begins with the blue bracers appropriate to your class (eg Wildheart Bracers). The quests start in the king's room in Ironforge or Thrall's chambers in Orgrimmar, and in total you will need the bracers, gloves and belt - which are all BOE. Try searching on your auction house. A lot of travelling is involved in this line, but 8 credits is a lot when you're getting to the end of Kalimdor. Once it gets to the Stratholme part, though, it no longer counts for Kalimdor - just a heads up.

Also, remember that in patch 3.0.8 the number of quests for the Kalimdor achievement is being lowered by 30, and some adjustments will be made, so your number may change slightly (I gained 1 extra quest on the PTR).

Good luck!


Aertimus said...

Thank you for the tips! My husband/tank and I plan on tackling (starting to tackle?) this achievement this week. I am far more into the lore now than I was the first time I went through, so I am really looking forward to it.

And sense of completion is always nice too. Hey - at least I didn't re-roll!

Keeva said...

I really enjoyed finishing everything off. I always felt bad leaving quest lines unfinished, but felt there was always something more productive to do with my time, so I couldn't justify going back to level 30 zones to quest. The achievement system gave me my justification.

... and the snazzy tabard, of course!

Kalimdor was very hard, I believe it will be a little harder for you as alliance, but they are going to nerf it in the patch and give you credit for Darnassus, Caverns of Time etc - so hopefully that will make things easier.

If you haven't done your T0.5 upgrade quests yet, I would definitely start looking out for the bracers, gloves and belts on the AH. I had to grab mine from the Alliance side - cost me about 70g all up, but towards the end I probably would have paid about 500g for those 8 quests :P

Anonymous said...

Well done Keevs. I want to do it, but lack the patience to do it. Anyways, come to 10 person Naxx with us sometime lol.

Grand Theft Kodo
Tauren Shaman

Keeva said...

No worries, was just really tired on Saturday, didn't feel up to it.. but I'll come sometime :)

Aurik said...

Congrats! - I'm not sure I could try that achievement without going crazy :)

Keeva said...

I was getting there at the end.. but the harder something gets, the more stubborn I become :P

Anea said...

Wow, congratulations! When I first heard about the Loremaster achievement, I thought for sure I would do it, that I had lots of quests under my belt... I did not. It's something that I tell myself I'll go back and do later when I'm bored, but just reading what you had to write and thinking about all the hundreds of quests that need done... I'm quaking in my boots.

I admire your perseverance.

Keeva said...

EK, Outland and Northrend were quite easy. I think I had 150 or so to do in EK but that was really quite quick. Outland was nearly finished, although I had skipped a lot in the higher areas - but still fast to do, and Northrend I had to do for a tailoring pattern anyway.

Kalimdor though.. YUCK :P

I would recommend doing a few quests here and there when you have time.. only the truly masochistic would buckle down and keep going until it's finished. It was exhausting.

Ashuna said...

Get Questhelper from Curse - Its he best thing going. If you haven't tried it yet, give it a whirl.

trev said...

mm yeah i been using QH. Problem is if the quest involves several spawn locations, it will only show 1 at a time. Really good otherwise.

Keeva whip me into shape, i cant be bothered finishing northrend.


Keeva said...

Northrend is eeeeeeeeeeeasy! Well, Icecrown is a bit of a pain - phasing is a really cool concept but when it forces you to do things in a particular order to open up hubs etc, I find that annoying.

Compared to Kalimdor though.. still really easy.

Phaelia said...

That is really impressive, Keeva! Congratulations on your new title and sweet tabard!

Keeva said...

Heehee.. the comments about my tabard (which I only take off to use a rep tabard) have been mixed.

Mostly along the lines of.. "that's HORRIBLE. I love it!"

Kayeri said...

Grats, Keeva, and thanks for the tips! I will go back and get that done myself at some point when I have a little more leisure than I do currently. :) I still need to go back and top off my rep with Cenarion Circle, too, I want that title! ::chuckle::

My current focus in achievements is getting all the recipes I need, I want to be Chef Kayeri, too. I have to hit RFD and Dire Maul sometime this week, then its just the daily cooking quests in Dalaran for the rest. ;)

I also used the armory link and wanted to ask if you were piling on the haste deliberately, or is that just the way the gear dropped and how you are finding it works for you...

mark said...

I have downloaded Grid and the 3 other Grid addons you suggest. I dont get the options you show under frame. Iget and advanced tab and then Corner text adn thats it. Have I downloaded something wrong??

mark said...

Problem solved!
eh...enabled grid....nothing to see here...