Monday, January 12, 2009

Santa was listening - cooking changes

Well, it wasn't quite what I was after - the Northern Spices system hasn't been changed to be less restrictive, BUT, mmo-champion is reporting than the soon-to-be-introduced Fish Feast will now use 1 Northern Spices (down from an excessive 4) and the Great Feast will use 2 Chilled Meat instead of 4.

Every little bit helps, and it will certainly be a LOT easier in Ulduar using 25 spices per night instead of 100.

A minor but welcome change!


Anonymous said...

So I was like, YAY, Great Feasts will only need 2 Chilled Meat and then I saw the tooltip for Fish Feasts.

What's the best way to get to 450 Cooking? Everything's green to me now, so I don't know if Gigantic/Small Feasts still give a better chace of skilling up compared to the other recipes.

Keeva said...

Everything will stay green now - all you can do is keep cooking the Northern Spices food. I don't think any of them give a better skillup rate.

I'm not at 450 either so I'll probably make a bunch of healer and tank food to get there - which would have made me cringe (need the spices for feasts!) but the reduction helps a lot with that.

Kayeri said...

I've been stuck at 449 for some time now, dont know when that last point will tick over... ::sigh::

I do have all the currently available Northrend recipes now. I'm saving my Dalaran cooking awards now for the new ones to come sometime (::sighing for NO patch today::) and I need to go hit Dire Maul and beat Pusillin until he gives me his recipe. After all that, I should be able to finish up the cooking achievements. :)