Friday, February 6, 2009

First preview of 3.1 changes

UI addons post is coming soon, I promise!

Following on from their first announcement, Blizzard have released the first set of notes for Warlocks, Druids and Warriors:

We are planning a lot of exciting content for patch 3.1.0, and we are doing a three-part preview series on upcoming class changes. This is the second in the series: Warlocks, Druids, and Warriors. Please keep in mind, that this list is not at all comprehensive, and subject to change. To read the previous list in the series, check out Part 1 -

Here are the druid changes so far, with resto-affecting stuff in bold:

  • Savage Defense – this is a new passive ability. When a druid in Dire Bear form deals a melee critical strike, the druid gains a damage shield equal to 25% of their attack power. The next hit completely removes the shield regardless of how much damage was done.

  • Survival of the Fittest has had its bonus armor reduced to compensate for the above increase in damage mitigation.

  • Faerie Fire (and similar debuffs) now reduces armor by 5%. See Sunder Armor in the warrior update below for additional details.

  • Thorns and Nature’s Grasp can be cast in Tree of Life form.

  • Survival Instincts now works in Moonkin form.

  • Replenish – to avoid confusion, this talent has been renamed “Revitalize.” It now also works with Wild Growth.

  • We are also looking at increasing the sustained (not burst) damage of feral druids in cat form.

So far, very disappointing.

Being able to cast Thorns in tree form is a nice convenience, but not really anything more than that.

Replenish being renamed to Revitalize is a good little fix, I'm sure it was confusing for some people. Adding it to Wild Growth is great, but it still has such a low proc rate that I doubt I'll bother unless I have leftover points and nothing to do with them.

I really hope their next set of notes for us is better than this. I saw the priest notes and I got REALLY excited; here's a few things they are getting:

  • Divine Spirit – this spell is now a core ability available to all priests.

  • Discipline has access to a new talent, Power Word: Barrier. (Think of it as Power Word: Shield for your whole group).

  • Several area of effect (AOE) heal spells have been improved: Prayer of Healing can be cast on any groups in your raid party. Holy Nova’s mana cost has been reduced. Circle of Healing now heals for more.

I don't want this to seem like a whine post; I'm not saying "no fair, priests got XYZ and we got squat!" - but I honestly saw the priest stuff and got excited about what was in store for druids. I'm not kidding when I say this - after I saw the priest stuff, I went to bed and woke up this morning thinking, "I have to get out of bed and check if the druid changes are out!" (pretty bad, huh?)

DS being made a core ability, a group shield, and a buff to AOE heals; awesome! Will we get some similar-quality buffs, or just name changes, a tiny buff to Replenish, and the ability to cast a couple more things in forms?


Guess we'll have to wait for more notes.

I still want my Imp Barkskin to cast on others..


Aertimus said...

I spent about an 30 minutes enraging around the house when I read about the mana changes. Hearing priests are getting un-nerfed isn't helping.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. Priests did not need these buffs. Instead of just spamming CoH, we are now going to be just spamming PoH->CoH->Holy Nova in that rotation, free flash heals ahoy.

Nerfing spirit regen is also silly. The reason we have near infinite mana now is not from spirit regen, but from Intellect and replenishment.

Now instead of stacking spirit, as a priest, I am going to stack intellect, and have even better mana regen. Then they will nerf replenishment, which in turn hurts DPS classes with mana.

They should just leave it the way it is, and find a way to balance future content around classes, not classes around content.

Aurik said...

Thirded on the current dissapointment - priests seem to have been given the cookie jar and everyone else is left with crumbs at the moment...

It's still early days but I'm hoping other healers see quite as much love.

The shield thing doesn't bother me so much as, really, disc needed a bit of love but I'd like to see more for the other classes. Tired of being treated as third rate when priests are no less hybrid than any other healer :/

@anon I will note that the spirit thing, coming from a resto shaman perspective, seems a little fairer than nerfing replenishment as we already 'suffer' worst of all classes from mana regen problems and, without replenishment, I am pretty much screwed.
If a druid or priest runs oom, I watch them sit and, within about 10 seconds, they have about 1/4 mana back - we just don't have that sort of option.

Anonymous said...

As GC said earlier, the list isn't exhaustive, some changes may not be announced, some announced changes may not make it live. It's only a preview, and I really like this series of announcements, because on the whole it seems like a major shift on how Blizzard implements class and raid mechanics.

Don't hold your breath...

Keeva said...

Oh, I know it's just a little preview - but I wish they had given us something tasty to chew on for now.

For restos, the closest thing to that was adding Revitalize to Wild Growth, but that does not excite me one bit. I'll probably end up taking it as a "might as well" talent. It should have been on WG from the start, but with the cooldown it isn't exactly amazing. I'm not a raid healing druid (nor do I want to be for the majority of fights) so this will be just as mediocre as having it on Rejuv which (apart from a couple of encounters) is usually just on the tanks.

Another buff for small groups, mediocre change for 25 man raiding, which is my focus.

I never, ever hold my breath when it comes to patches. Ever. I know they can do a 180 at any moment, so I never get too set on any change. But I just wish they have given us something a little more exciting than being able to cast thorns in forms, a rename, and a mediocre buff that should have been in place from the beginning but still isn't so great.

Cuandoman said...

PoH on selected groups? Why not tranquility on selected groups then?

Anonymous said...

every nerf/buff/adjustment thus far in WotLK seems to be Feral related atm. I was not surprised to see this trend continue. /bored