Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Resto4Life is closing (also on WoWInsider).

I KNEW something was up. Phae hadn't posted in a while and I was getting concerned. Biting my nails and pacing, refreshing my Blogger dashboard every few minutes, waiting for any R4L entry to show up. I had a feeling...

I didn't see her entry at first, but rather a couple of other entries from other bloggers lamenting her departure. NOOOooooooo!

I got a bit teary, I'll admit. I'm soft like that. I've only been blogging for a few months, but I really look up to Phae a whole lot. As far as theorycrafting and druid current affairs go, I don't have many people to chat/vent/ramble to, so I always enjoyed talking with her about the current goings-on in the druid world. It's always great to be able to talk to someone like-minded, especially when things are frustrating. I have to resist the urge to keep writing, "I NO RITE?" because she knows exactly what our collective frustrations are. I'm just sad that I started so late; I wish I had found R4L and Phae earlier.

I haven't been around long, but Phae always looked after the theorycraft side of things and I was grateful that I didn't have to. I'm hopeless at math and will never pretend to know what I'm talking about in that respect. I always saw R4L as THE resto resource. TBJ simply hopped onto Phae's coattails and rode around squealing, "wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee", dealing more with my own personal experiences as a druid rather than the serious, number-based side of things. But now she's going, who will help me with my math homework?


I spent some time clinging to her virtual ankles (do trees have ankles? /ponder) and whining (lots and lots of whining), but she told me to be strong and to be my own druid. I agreed to suck it up, be a man, and keep going. *wipes nose*

I suppose when it comes to the math side of things I'll just need to make creative use of my few theorycrafting brains that I keep handy (read: geek friends).

Suddenly, the rest of us have some really, really big shoes to fill.

What's important though is that we DON'T PANIC. There are a bunch of really great druid blogs out there. The Daily Druid will keep you up to date on various resto happenings, and I'll do my best to do some "community spotlight" posts like Phae did, to highlight great new blogs to watch, so everyone can still get their daily fill of resto rants and ramblings.

We've lost a wonderful resource in Resto4Life, but I know everyone will wish Phae & Mr Phae the best of luck for the future.

Farewell Phae! <3


Vargarth said...

I don't think your comic was very accurate. Those boots need to be ... at least THREE TIMES BIGGER!

But yes, I echo your thoughts. The druid blogging community will be missing one of it's key components. No more Phae. :(

Keredria said...

Great post and comic Keeva!

Sydera said...

What a lovely comic!

And I got a mention. /blush.

We should get together--then we can count all the way to 16. Seriously, I can barely do algebra, but maybe we can find some way to get someone who can to help us graph things. :)

Averna said...

"Anything past six and we're screwed"

hahahaha. Oh, man. Good stuff.

And I agree with everything in your post... I too am a new blogger, and looked up to Phaelia and her blog a LOT. She'll definitely be missed.

Bell said...

Geez, and Tauren don't even wear boots! ;)

DJScythe said...

I heard about this just as I decided to try making a Resto mini-blog of my own, and was looking through her guide to beginning bloggers and looking into how to join the World Tree when I saw the post. Phae will indeed be missed.

Crap, no I'm all teary too. And I have that sappy "Graduation" song going through my head to make it worse. T_T

Phaelia said...

Wow, this was awesome. What a fun and adorable tribute! Thank you so much, Keeva, and please don't be a stranger! We can at least commiserate over the upcoming nerf to Improved Regrowth we have been dreading! :-)

Xoria said...

Until I found this blog, the only palces I even looked for resto stuff was Resto4life and of course the Elitist Jerks forums.

I found that EJ always has sound advice, but that the writing and detailed commentary was better on R4L.

Time to step it up!

Anonymous said...

That comic was a very awesome and unique tribute to her.

Anonymous said...

With our powers combined, we can count to twelve! Get a few more taurens together and the possibilities are limitless. ^.~

Very well put post Keeva, and the comic was very cute to boot.

Niniel said...

Awesome comic and a wonderful tribute! We'll just have to try and solve things together =)

Anonymous said...

phae leaving makes me want to write about warcraft :(

Keeva said...

You should - search her blog for her article on how to do your own, it's what finally made me do it :)

Corgii said...

I was a casual reader of Resto 4 Life, but boy when I needed some macro, UI, or number help it was there! I think every tree in the forest has /cried at least a little after hearing about this news.

But with so many wonderful blogs like yours around I'm sure the void Phae will leave should be healed soon enough =)