Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Fun and silly guild activities

Still piecing together my healbot writeup, but it's been a super busy week (in real life and in guild-land), so it's not ready yet. In the meantime I thought i would share a fun guild even that I am running (again) on Saturday. I did this back in October when we were 70 but had just got all of our new talents and abilities, and it was great fun.

It's just a guild event this time around (although friends are welcome to come along!), but I am considering some server-wide activities for later :)

It's a fairly straightforward competition - people form up teams, we all assemble at the front of Kara, and when I say go, they all rush in and destroy the place as fast as possible. Here are the best boss kill times from last year:

44s Attumen
55s Moroes
29s Maiden
27s Opera
2m27s Nightbane
48s Curator
36s Illhoof
48s Aran
48s Netherspite
1m12s Prince

The bosses themselves only take about 10 minutes; the bulk of the time is actually spent travelling through the instance, and I suspect this time it will be much faster because at level 80 it will be easier to bypass a lot of trash. Plus, the trash that can't be bypassed will probably be nuked down in a few seconds, so I'm kinda picturing this long winding train of players and mobs weaving through the halls of Karazhan....

Here are the basic rules, if you're interested:

A WWS/WMO must be provided after the event to verify that you killed everything.
I'm not pointing fingers, but some people like to be "creative" and.. skip things. Every boss in Kara must die - except the silly animal boss.

Your team, your classes, your specs, your choice. Stack 7 shamans if you feel like it. WHEE!
Can you tell I copy/pasted this from my October entry? Oops.

All teams zone in at the same time.
There shouldn't be anyone else at Kara opening the gate, so the best way to do it is to have both teams standing back while I stand at the gate, yell GO! and open it for them.

You can skip pulls where necessary if you would like to. I really don't care how much trash you kill or don't kill.
It's all about the bosses. Skip as much as you can.. then just pray you get BBW for Opera :P

Prince must be the final boss. Other than that, you choose the boss kill order.

Teams must share a vent channel! This is for added fun and laughs.
This is a social event to help ease up some pre-3.1 tension. We're raiders and we're bored. A little friendly competition, perhaps a couple of small wagers under the table.. and being forced to share the same vent space. It's hilarious to listen to all the bluffing that people do to try to fool the other teams.

MOST IMPORTANTLY: When Prince dies, official confirmation MUST be given in the form of a screenshot clearly showing server time on the map. NO SCREENSHOT, NO WIN. NO EXCEPTIONS.
I ask for a WWS and a screenshot just to be sure. It used to be easier back at 70 when some people hadn't finished kara (?) so someone would get the Karazhan achievement as soon as Prince died - easy to spot the winners there. But now.. not so easy, unless you have a rerolled character in your group.

Plus, the WWS lets people see the crazy dps numbers and the insanely short fights.

And the booty:

For this challenge I will be donating 1000g prize money (of my own), meaning that the winning 10 people will take home 100g each. Additionally people might like to place their own bets on the side, I'm certain. Definitely encouraged!

The losers will each receive absolutely squat.

500g bonus prize (50g each to each team member) for the fastest Maiden kill. MUST BE VERIFIED WITH A BOSS MODS SCREENSHOT - eg the message that says "Maiden down after X minutes Y seconds". No screenshot, no win.

The guild time to beat on Maiden is 29 seconds. Looking forward to seeing what happens this time.

I've run a few fun guild events in the past and I have a few up my sleeve for later in the year - currently in the planning stages. If you're interested in running one of your own, check out the Guild Relations forum - players have submitted a bunch of great ideas for fun things to do.

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