Friday, March 6, 2009

Healbot fans: I need your help

Healbot and Grid stuff again!

I'm nearly done with my side-by-side assessment of Healbot and Grid, and whether Healbot can do all of the things that I like Grid to do for me.

But aside from that, because I'm not an expert on Healbot, I am POSITIVE there are some cool bells and whistles that Healbot can do that I don't know about.

So - Healbot fans: what are the features of Healbot that you just can't live without?

I want to gather together a list of "must haves" in Healbot and examine whether Grid can do them, and if so, how well. I've already found a few things that Healbot can do that Grid can't - but I'm sure there's other stuff out there that Healbot can do a little better (or that Grid can't do at all).

Can you help me find them? Because I don't have the time to be able to get into all the nitty gritty cool stuff, and I want people to know all the cool things that the mod has to offer. The more info that we can give people on the two mods, the better they will be able to choose what suits them.

The main problem is that I know what *I* like in Grid, but if I were to go through all of the options and things that you could display, it would take me forever. Instead, it's best if I ask people what they can't live without, in case it's something I don't use and haven't covered.

If you can point me in the direction of the cool stuff that you just adore, and a quick idea of where to change the settings, that would be great.

Thanks in advance everyone! :)


Anonymous said...

Off the top of my head:

- the bars change color if something needs dispelled
- little bitty icons of my Renew and PoM
- aggro indicator
- keybindings can be set up through Healbot itself
- easy to configure the keybindings and change things around
- the option to have a menu come up on hover, showing information about the person and what spells are which combo (cheat sheet)
- bars change color to alert on missing buffs

I guess that's all for now :D

Syll said...

I'm not at home so I can't fire up the computer there to answer this question thoroughly, but I do love that I can see the hot icons with timers on people's bar. I like the keybindings and flexibility. I like the way it's physically configurable to suit a huge range of UIs.

Nadie said...

I've used both HealBot and Grid (though I've converted to Grid!), but the one thing I really miss about HealBot and haven't been able to find is the hover display of detailed information.

The really helpful bits in the hover display are the target's talent spec and the buff duration. In an instance, I don't think these are terribly useful, but when I was doing a little bit of battleground healing, that display was really nice to have for triage.

Lovely work so far on the comparisons :)

Candlelight said...

I think Holydiscipline hit many of the highlights (though I do not personally use the info menu). In addition, I like Healbot for the following features:

-- support for 5 mouse buttons and all the alt/ctrl/shift combos

-- shows HoT timers on each toon's health bars

-- ability to show mana as a tiny horizontal line under the health bars of other toons so I can Innervate a mana-hungry mage

You did not ask for things missing from Healbot, but just in case it helps your analysis:

While Healbot's bars change color if a raid member needs decursing, there is no support if a fellow raider gets mind controlled. I run Decursive solely to watch for (and Cyclone) MC'd party members.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm off the top of my head...being able to make a new group solely for tanks for example.

Simple adding of macros - love that.

Hard to think take so much of what it can do for granted these days.

Anonymous said...

Nearly forgot..if someone has two removable buffs on them you get a colour on the bar that is a conmination of the two clours you have set. If Poison was blue and curse was yellow you'd get green on the bar (not a good example but you get my drift). So in your head you're already hitting the decurse buttons right after the abolish poison key combinations.

Anonymous said...

Options_guide.html is a graphic guide found in the docs folder. It's a lovely clear graphical guide to what it can do. Actually that's a cool thing it has - it's own how to guide in glorious technicolour.

Sounds on debuff is a nice feature.

Anonymous said...

My Targets allows you to create a list of Targets you want to focus on, similar to the MT list.

To Add/Remove people to/from your My Targets list, Ctrl+Alt+Right click on the bar.

Keeva said...

Wow guys, some of these are great, thanks!

Anonymous said...

What I really like about healbot is that it shows my hots with their symbol, how many stacks and the time their are still ticking. I don't know if grid can do this, too...?

And it really helps to see who suffers from frost blast (Kel) directly on the bars.

Anonymous said...

Option to notify healer channel of a rebirth and to notify the player it's coming.

Gwyd said...

Three things that come to mind for me:
I like that I dont have to use 2 mods to use different mouse clicks for different spells.

I can set one of those mouse clicks to use a macro I've created.

Automatic Rez announce - I wish it was a requirement for all healers!!

Lorangriel said...

I have never used grid. There has just never been a reason for me to learn a new mod, especially one as complex as grid, when HB works so well for what I need it to do. The highlights of what I like:

- I like the option to change bar colors to denote cleansable debuffs.
- I like seeing which of my HoTs are ticking, how many LB stacks I have and how long they have before expiring (though I am not sure if this is built into HB or comes with omnicc that I also use)
- I like how bars automatically change colors depending on how dire the healing situation is: a small red bar stands out very well in a sea of green than a small green bar would.
- keybindings and mouse-button bindings are really nice built into the mod itself.
There must be other things but I can't really remember them right now (I am at work, not in front of my wow computer)

Running Elk

Anonymous said...

You might want to download v3.0.9.1
* Updated libs
* Added levitate to buffs
* Added Grace to Icons
* Updated load to improve DC issue
* Energy/Mana/Rage/Runic bar now uses opacity settings
* Converted to using GUID
* Removed requirement for unique names
* Added Vehicle events, vehicle name and health included on the bar and in the tooltip
* Added [target=hbtargetpet], this will target unit vehicle or pet when used in macros
* Added Nourish to show on Incoming Heals
* Dropped lower level priest spells from SmartCast at levels 20 and 40
* Updated Localizations
* Fixed onload bug
* Added Pain Suppression to HoT's
* Added focus to be shown with the My Targets group