Saturday, March 7, 2009

Very quick undocumented changes in 3.1

Just a very quick note on some additional changes to the new PTR build.
Nature's Grace now increasing your spell casting speed by 20% for 3 sec. (Old - Reduced the casting time of your next spell by 0.5 sec.)

Tree of Life mana cost has been changed from 28% of base mana to 13% of base mana.
Please note that these are not confirmed.

The NG change is possibly due to the raising of Nourish's crit rate and the subsequent clipping of the GCD since Nourish is such a zippy heal to cast.

I'm not entirely sure why they're lowering the cost of shifting to ToL - I'm guessing for PvP. The only time I'm out of form in a PvE fight is when I happen to throw an offensive spell (and how often is that?). I have to admit I am entirely ignorant to the needs of PvP druids, because I don't ever PvP - but I'm assuming that's what this change is about since PvP druids have been asking for mana fixes for a long time.

Anyway - unconfirmed, so keep an ear to the ground for new info.

Addendum: an equip effect has been added to Val'anyr, the legendary healer mace:
Val'anyr Hammer of Ancient Kings - Equip Effect -- Your healing spells have a chance to cause Blessing of Ancient Kings for 15 seconds allowing your heals to shield the target absorbing damage equal to 15% of the amount healed.

WTB more info ASAP! At the moment that equip effect makes it lean more towards the direct healers and away from druids (QQ), but we'll have to wait and see the stats and any other equip/use effects.

We need more clarification on the wording, though - it could be interpreted as once the weapon procs, for the next 15 seconds any healing (I'm assuming effective healing) on the target will shield the target for 15% of that total effective healing. So if HoT ticks count to that total healing over the 15 seconds, it would still be good in the hands of a druid. Interesting stuff, but I won't get excited until we know more information.

I really hope they make this weapon viable for all of the healing classes, rather than pigeonholing it and making it a "pally weapon" or "disc priest weapon" by having particular stats or effects that point more to one class than to the others.



ToL is a complete buff for PvP - With druid's getting hit by the nerfbat regenwise, and the constant shifting you do (if you're any good at CCing and LoS at least) the reduced mana cost I'll assume is intended to give druids have more mana to play with in arena.

Keeva said...

Needs more XXXXXXXXXs!

I wonder if this will be something that PvP druids embrace or if it will seem like a consolation prize.

It seems a little.. simplistic.

But I really can't judge. I've never done arenas.

Averna said...

I think it will be good for PvP, at least in battlegrounds. A lot of times I shift into tree form quickly to put heals on people, and then I shift back out to do damage.

I try not to stay in tree form for long, though, because it's basically a red flag for everyone that says "IM A HEALER KILL ME NOW"

But there have been problems with druid healers running out of mana in battlegrounds (not sure about arenas) with the current pvp gear being as it is (high stam, very low mana regen, low spirit, etc).

It's fine line for Blizz to walk - they want druids to have enough mana to do their job, but not so much that it's impossible to kill them and the people they're healing after a period of time.

I think that the mana reduction in shifting is good. It'll offset a little bit of the mana gobbling that is pvp.