Thursday, April 16, 2009

GridStatusHots fix

If you're having trouble with seeing other druids' HoTs on Grid, here is the fix - thanks Quast of Shu'halo:

1. Make sure you have the latest version.

2. Open the gridstatushots.lua file in your interface/addons/gridstatushots folder with notepad.

3. Search for the following line:

local bname,brank,btexture,bcount,btype, bdur, bexptime, bismine = UnitBuff(unitid, i)

4. On the line directly underneath it paste:

if bismine == "player" then
bismine = true
bismine = false

Tested just now in Ulduar - other druids HoTs are no longer showing on my Grid.



Corgii said...


AUGH it was so annoying to see all the other druid's HoTs!

Sem said...

OMG THANK YOU --huge sigh of relief. I remember seeing this somewhere during the PTR but I couldn't find it anyway. once again, thanks so much Keeva

Aertimus said...

Thank you again for pointing me to this last night!

<3 <3 <3

Anonymous said...

shit. having tons of Wildgrowth targetting issues with Healbot Continued.

don't suppose you got a fix for this?

Anonymous said...

Jesus, thanks for this fix. Was driving me nuts

Keeva said...

I have no idea about HB's troubles I'm sorry :(

I think it has a few problems at the moment, but the mod is frequently updated, so my advice would be to keep checking Curse to see if any bug fixes have been implemented.

Anonymous said...

Regarding healbot. I was already using the latest beta release when the patch hit and it is working perfectly.

Anonymous said...

Just read this is not a healbot problem it is a wg bug. See home of healbot for a work around if you still need it.

mooresnow said...

Thank you so much!!

It was such an annoyance not know who I had hots on or when my lifebloom was going to bloom

Nebx said...

Doesn't work for me D:

Latest version of Grid and GridStatusHots... i found the line, pasted the lines under it, saved, restarted WoW, and my HoTs aren't showing up on Grid anymore :O

I wonder if it's because i'm using that other addon that adds corner icons to Grid...

Casp0r said...

Newest version of gridstatushotfix, did exactly what u did.
Hots don't show up anymore, delete the lines, and it works again.

Anonymous said...

Works, thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Does not work with the following:

Grid 1.30100.2009041601 (Released: 2009/04/16)
GridStatusHots 3.11 (Released: 2009/01/16)

This fix results in no hots displaying in Grid. Checked and rechecked the instructions, followed them perfectly, and the backed up GridStatusHots.lua still works, albeit while showing other druid's hots.

Anonymous said...

Something else to add to my comment above:

There is a new version of GridStatusHots out today, it's 3.12b, that has the fix mentioned in the blog directly in the LUA, but it does NOT fix the problem. With this new 3.12b installed, I can only see Lifebloom stacks. No other hots are appearing. Argh!

Niniel said...

Thanks for this tip! Worked well for me =)

Anonymous said...

The latest alpha GridStatusHots from today works just fine, I'm happy to report.

Thanks to the authors for fixing it up.

Ildiroen said...

Christ. :) Thank you SO much!

Jokele said...

Could you please upload your addons maps?

I can't manage to get it fixed. Have followed your instructions perfectly.

Keeva said...

Hi Jokele - have you tried downloading the latest version? I've heard that it has fixed the issue for most people.


KEVIN said...

Please, Upload your GridHotStatus and Grid. Can't get it to work.

Anonymous said...

followed instructions and having the same issue as most people, lifebloom is the only hot showing up on grid. Why is this?

Anonymous said...

Downloaded plugin from Curse today and saw everyone's buffs. Did the fix above and it now works. Hence, everything above is still relevant as of beginning august.

Lace said...

THANKYOU. This has been driving me insane for weeks.

Erik said...

This only sorta fixes it ... if you try to have "My Rejuv" aura show, it works correctly, but if you enable the default "Rejuv" aura it wont show other druids either .. its nice to know if I can swiftmend someone else's hot on a critically low target.

Have no clue how to get that to work :(

bones said...

my lua file already has these lines if I add your line underneath it does not show any hots at all on grid. please help


bexptime, bismine = UnitBuff(unitid, i)
if not bname then break end
if bismine == "player" then
bismine = true;
bismine = false;

Erik said...

Sorry for my previous post it was an "I'm a complete idiot" error, not anything with the mod.

Works perfectly.

warmoo said...

hi there ive managed to get all the other druid hots from not showing on my grid apart from 1 lifebloom, have selected all the show mine boxes but still showing other druids lifebloom

Anonymous said...