Friday, May 1, 2009

Inexorable is recruiting!

Hey guys, normally I don't cross-post non-druidy stuff in this blog, but I know there are some other Oceanic readers here, and I wanted to spread the word.

My guild is currently recruiting. We are leading progression on our server (Caelestrasz - Oceanic PvE), and we making a final push to get Yogg-Saron down (he should die on Sunday).

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At the moment we are seeking priests and hunters. Ideally I would like one of each flavour priest (holy, disc and shadow). We will also consider other dps classes, and wouldn't mind another holy pally.

I've just finished getting our new site off the ground - - it has more information about the guild, our progress and recruitment.

So if you're looking for an Oceanic raiding guild (or you have a friend who is looking) - have a look at the site, and feel free to send me a forum PM, email, or whisper in game to chat. I'm online every night if you need more info.

Thanks :)


Anonymous said...

Good Luck Keeva!

Keeva said...

Thank you :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Keevs,

Long time no post from me. /wave
sucks about what happened, even though i only know from the forums, hope you get some more people in and keep knocking out server firsts. Take Care,

Dropbears of Funk

Keeva said...

Thanks Shaidari :)