Thursday, June 11, 2009

3.2 mount changes

Blizzard have announced some big changes to mount levels and costs in Patch 3.2. Here's the summary:

Level 20 - normal ground mount
Apprentice Riding (Skill 75)
60% land mount speed (same as the current level 30 mount)
Cost: 4g training + 1g mount

Level 40 - epic ground mount
Journeyman Riding (Skill 150)
100% land mount speed (same as the current level 60 "epic" mount)
Cost: 50g training + 10g mount

Level 60 - normal flying mount
Expert Riding (Skill 225)
150% flying mount speed; 60% land mount speed (was 60% flying speed)
Note: this means that to travel at 100% land speed you'll want to get out your ground mount
Cost: 600g training (faction discounts now apply) + 50g mount

Level 70 - epic flying mount
Artisan Riding (Skill 300)
280% flying mount speed; 100% land mount speed
Cost: 5,000 gold (faction discounts now apply) + 100g mount

Cold Weather Flying remains unchanged.

Summary: You'll be able to get your first mount at 20, epic mount at 40, and your flying mount at 60, which is 10 levels earlier than the current system. Epic flying is still only available at 70, but will be cheaper now that faction discounts apply (for exalted, that's a saving of 1000g). Cold Weather Flying will not have its level or cost changed.

I'm not sure what this will mean for druids in terms of flight form. I assume it means we get 150% speed instead of 60% (to match the flying mounts). Looking forward to getting confirmation on this.

At present, we get our flight form at 68 (trained). Will the new system mean druids can have normal flight form at 58, to keep it in line with having it two levels earlier than other classes? Or will they simply bring our flight form in line with everyone else? Personally, I am just curious - it would be handy dandy to have flight form at 58 when you first venture into Outland, but certainly no biggie to wait two levels.

I suspect we'll see a few people complain that a mount at 20 and epic mount at 40 will make our travel form "useless" (cue cries for a replacement skill I would imagine) but I still use mine plenty, even on my high level druids.

Edit: Blizzard has now confirmed that travel form will be learned at 16, and normal flight form will be learned at 60, as 150% speed (up from 60%). Swift Flight Form remains unchanged. Thanks Treebound Cat for pointing this news out :)

The Swift Flight Form quest chain will remain - it is not being removed.

And for our non-druid friends (or non-druid alts!):

Aspect of the Cheetah: Requires level 16
Ghost Wolf: Requires level 16
Paladin Warhorse: Requires level 20
Paladin Charger: Requires level 40
Warlock Felsteed: Requires level 20
Warlock Dreadsteed: Requires level 40

I think this is fantastic news for everyone wanting to level. Being able to ride around at 20, and have an epic mount at 40 is really huge. That will speed up levelling a great deal. Suddenly the Barrens doesn't seem so bad! ..and being able to fly around Outland from the get-go - instead of waiting til you're nearly finished with the place - will be a huge help.

Great changes.


Corgii said...

I agree; these changes are awesome! I'm a big alt-o-holic with many alts sitting around doing nothing simply because travel is a big hassle for some of them.

I actually started a new baby druid on a different server to level 'legit' and these changes made me jump for joy! I can't wait to see this go live (hopefully I won't hit 40 before 3.2...).

PS: I wanted to say THANK YOU for that tip about the enchanting plans in Moonglade; it was a BIG help and sold for about 35g on my baby druid's server! You're so right about leveling; I get so excited at just seeing a green, or seeing an herbalism node pop up on my screen. It's like I just started the game all over again. I love it!

Keeva said...

I just sold a pattern I picked up for ~35s for 37g.


Kiiva has 800g now.. although it seems funny celebrating when in patch 3.2 she could have her epic already (4 levels ago) and it would have cost 50g instead of ~700 :P

Anonymous said...

I'm a little torn on my thoughts on the new changes.

Part of me wants to say: "Well back in my day..." because it was such a big deal when my first level 60 finally had enough gold to buy an epic mount. There were a lot of LBRS runs and rare pattern drops involved in that...

A-hem. At the same time I'm a little excited because my lil' shammie can get around Azeroth a little easier. (And here I was so thrilled to finally have ghost wolf form.)

Anyway: Like you, I wonder if this will spell changes for druids as far as flight form goes. I'd like to see them get it at 58 as well to keep pace with the other classes.

Kae said...

Remember that old raggedy crow? Standard flight form has a flight speed of 60%, just like the non-epic flying mounts. I would assume that they'd give druids access to this spell at the 58/60 range, and leave the pretty Swift Flight Form for level 68/70 :)

*Giggles at Raine*... *pulls out cane* All these newfangled lowbie mounts. We remember having to scrape together 90g to buy our FIRST mount at level 40, BOTH WAYS IN THE SNOW!!


Kayeri said...

Dang, I have mixed feelings, now that I've achieved fast flight on two different characters. Back on Kayeri, the first one, I hadn't made the 100 gold by 40, I had only 75. My guildleader's wife gave me the last I needed as a gift. But it was fiendishly hard when you were knew to the game and didnt know about playing the auction house and other money makes.

After that, I started hitting the herbing hard, and thanks to that, Kayeri easily afford her epic ground mount at 60. :) And I'd paid that 25gift forward, helping a young rogue in our guild not only with the last couple of quests to ding 40, but gave him gold when he confessed he couldn't afford the mount...

Ah... the memories... I guess I have become an old-timer, although I never was a Vanilla-WoW raider... Kay was in her 40s when BC hit. :)

It is a nice change for levelling toons, It makes things more achievable.

Anonymous said...

Goldberri is jumping for joy! My little BE pigtailed warlock my see 80 yet! Of course Goldberrie, her alliance counterpart is having a hissy fit...I keep telling her not to worry! I'll get around to the alliance quests and she too will see 80! I mean, she's alreay out in howling ford, seesh! Damn pushy Warlocks!

Kitai (my poor orc warrior) might see more action too!

I am totally in agreement with you Keeva, this is a fantastic only gripe is that I want 1k gold back for every toon (up to 5 now I think) that I have purchased epic flight form for!

And Kae...I had to walk BAREFOOT (damn boots that don't keep my hooves covered) in the snow to get mine! =)

Kae said...

Forgot to add that I would imagine they'd increase raggedy-crow flight speed to match the mounts.

I don't know how much of a complaint a druid can make about being barefoot, though :D I mean, most of our forms are completely naked!

Jonti said...

I wonder if they're going to change the Paladin charger quest at all. Granted you'll be able to ride it at 40, but good luck doing the quest chain to get it.


The paladin charger could be bought prior to 3.2 at level 61 without the need of the quest being complete. So i am guessing the same way just at level 40