Friday, June 5, 2009

NE cat form model revamp

The Night Elf cat model has been released, to mixed reviews:

Personally, I think they look great - I especially love the noses on the new cats (both Tauren and Elf).

Meanwhile, a friend is spamming me in IMs about how much he hates them because they look like My Little Pony cats. I'm giggling.

I love the white kitty, and I already loved the white elf bear. So Kiiva will be "safe", she won't have to change her identity to get the feral forms that I like. Unlike Keeva. While I do understand the "logic" that we should have similar colouring in all of our forms (because it "makes sense"), I still hope they don't force us to have to change our character's appearance to get feral forms that we find appealing.

Broken record mode on: Keeva has been Keeva for 2 years. Some people might see it as no big deal to head to the barber shop and ask politely for an entirely different skin colour - but I don't want to do that. I want to keep Keeva's identity. But the feral forms that correspond to her white skin tone are the ones I particularly dislike. A lot.

Here's hoping they rethink it. Allowing us to choose would not hurt anyone - if you want a white bear and a matching white cat to go with your white hair, you could choose that - but if I hate the white bear and just want to be brown, with a black cat, then I could choose that too.

I'm getting tired of the "but it makes SENSE, durrr!" argument - does it make sense that a hairdresser could change my skin?

Having 3 forms that match in some way is good, I definitely agree. But being forced to have two forms that you hate, OR change the fundamental appearance of your character (which I and many other people have become attached to and consider part of that character's identity) .... that's pretty disappointing.

You've done an AWESOME job so far - but let us choose, Blizzard!


Lissanna said...

On my computer, the white one has Hello-Kitty pink hair. On the laptop downstairs, they don't look quite as Care Bear Stare colored...

I think that we're ending up with slightly different shades on different computers, so they look better to some people than others.

Sassafras said...

I gotta say, I find these a disappointment. I mean, I know nelf catform was the least broken, but they didn't really go out of their way to fix it either.

I hate to look a gifthorse in the mouth, but he's got big teeth, I cannot help myself.

Boize said...

Forum responses:

Tauren: "QQ, our forms look too masculine and have a nose-ring."

Night Elves: "QQ, our forms look too feminine and have a collar."

Mel said...

I love them, they look a bit girly, but they still look very night-elfy. I'm really tempted to make a night elf druid now, too.

Brajana said...

I don't think it's really changing the Tauren's skin... It's their fur. Taurens have fur! It's not that much different dying your fur and dying your hair, if it helps to look at it that way.

I appreciate all of the models for both races. I feel bad for the artists who worked hard to create them, make them suit the styles and colour schemes (Been to Darnassus recently? A lot of pink and purple there!) of each race, only to have everyone yell in their face for not making every single person in the World happy. If I was them, I'd just tell everyone who didn't like them: "TOO BAD! You can just use the OLD forms then. Happy now?" It's just so frustrating!

People complain too much.

Anonymous said...

Yes !!

Now the tauren druids have the upper hand after looking like trash for all these years



Kiryn said...

Ugh. Why are they grimacing like that?

The Tauren cat is still a male lion, despite the complaints of female tauren everywhere for years now. The bears are still stuck in a snarl that real bears are not physically capable of making.

And I'm really not happy about the fact that I am forced to change my character's skin color/hair color to get a different feral form. Seriously?

I was looking forward to hearing about this for such a long time, but I canceled my account after I first saw the new bear forms. THIS is what we've been waiting so long for? For shame.

Xun said...

Since a Bovine's colour is largely defined by the hair not the skin I suppose letting a hairdresser change the colour isn't too bad.

But that's a hell of a lot of colouring agent.