Thursday, July 2, 2009

Faction change service Q&A with Nethaera

Just a quickie - Neth has answered a few of the faction change service questions (although I'm still very interested to hear more info on how they will deal with reps and mounts).

Updated* 7/1- Due to the many questions that have come up with the announcement of this new service, we wanted to take the time to answer the ones we can at this point in time.

Q. Will we be able to switch between the races on our own faction?
A.. No. Players will only be able to switch to a race of the opposite faction.

Q. Will I be able to choose the race on the opposite faction that I want to change to?
A.. Yes, but you will only be able to switch to a race that has your class type available to it. So if you play a human paladin, you’d only be able to change to a blood elf paladin.

Q.How much will it cost?
A.. We do not have further information on this at this point in time.

Q.Will I be able to switch back to my original faction but a different race?
A.. No. You will only be able to switch back to your originally chosen race.

Q.. How will the switch between reputation, gear, mounts, etc be handled?
A.. We’ll have more details for you at a later point in time, though we plan to keep these as close to a reflection of the other faction as much as possible.

Q.How often can you change your faction?
A..We do not have any information to share on this at this point in time, however we will have restrictions on the frequency by which players can change their faction.

Q. How will this affect the balance of Horde and Alliance on the realms?
A.. We are taking great care in how we implement this new service in order to maintain balance between the factions on the realms but do not have any further details to share.

So you won't be able to change races within your faction, nor will you abe able to change to the opposite faction, wait out the cooldown, and then change back in order to say, go from Orc to Undead.

I think they want to prevent people from deciding that "the best rogue is Race X" or "Race Y has the best warrior racials" and everyone just piling into these particular combos.

Even so, I think we'll see race to race swaps in the future. I'm surprised faction to faction came first, actually. And then eventually, I think we'll see class to class. Yeah, it might seem silly.... but hey, they said PvE to PvP would never happen, and it did. Eventually.

Oh oh oh, and I forgot another question that I thought of: what if you're on a PvP server... the rules state that you can't create characters of both factions on one server on the same account. Are they finally going to break that rule and allow for players to have both factions on a PvP server?

Doesn't affect me at all, I play PvE and I've had multiple accounts for a long time.. just curious!


Kayeri said...

The One Faction only thing on PVP servers has never made sense to me... unless they are just trying to prevent people from logging on to the other side and yelling at each other. I think that is the likeliest explanation.. I've seen how nasty and personal pvp can get on non-pvp servers, so I suppose it could get worse on servers where it's the norm.

and yes, I'm a care bear and it shows! ::chuckle::

Ravage! said...

I'd like to see the race thing tossed out the windows. I think it would be awesome to be a night elf, working with the horde, after all. faction is just an allegiance right? Should totally be able to change allegiance in game.

Bell said...

I'm sure they're figuring out the PvP thing...I'd imagine if they didn't allow it, there would be so much whining the internets would explode.

Anonymous said...

Nice new header! =)

Keeva said...

hehe.. thanks :D

I'll add her in sometime :P