Monday, July 20, 2009

When greens mean progression

Kiiva is 80.

When I hit 80, I naturally started to put together a resto set (having levelled as feral and without any healing gear put away), so that I would be able to get back into healing.

I was a bit lost, to be honest. When Keeva hit 80, she was still wearing Tier 6 and Sunwell gear, which was quite good for Naxx 25. I never had to "put together" a set. Compare and contrast with Kiiva, who levelled entirely as feral and around about the 79 mark I realised I should prrrrobably consider taking the resto quest rewards if I was going to want to at least do 5 mans at 80..

So, I set about quickly looking at the reputations I had, what I had stashed in the bank, etc. At first I had to make do with half greens, half feral gear! Finding a green resto item was exciting. Greens at that point really were progression items for me.

With my "rule" that all of Kiiva's gear has to be paid for properly out of her own earnings (no outside loans, donations, or funds from other characters), I had to scrape together the cash to buy rep items and BOE epics.

My current gear is half enchanted, partly gemmed.. yuck. But it's because I am very literally scraping money together as I go. An epic here or there and I'm back to no cash - then back out to quest and farm and play the AH to get the next piece. Ha, I just remembered I still don't have glyphs.. :P

It's fun - it feels like I'm really working on my character, rather than having epics land in my lap.

My current gear:

Helm of the Majestic Stag - Kirin Tor (Honored)
Artruis's Focus Stone - quest (Sholazar)
Mantle of the Underhalls - quest (Icecrown)
Wispcloak - Auction house ~500g
Tunic of the Unduly Victorious - quest (Icecrown)
Putrescent Bands - purchased from gbank 200g
Moonshroud Gloves - Auction house ~500g
Bridenbrad's Sash - quest (Icecrown)
Earthgiving Legguards - Auction house ~320g
Earthgiving Boots - Auction house ~350g
Runed Mana Band - made by a friend (with my mats)
Lady Nightswood's Engagement Ring - quest (Icecrown)
Will of the Red Dragonflight - quest (Dragonblight)
Totemic Purification Rod - Kalu'ak (Revered)
Iron-bound Tome - made with Inscription
Harold's Rejuvenating Broach - quest (Nagrand)

To be honest I have been very busy with my two jobs, plus my current RL project of building a new chicken coop, so I haven't even had time to look at available gear and see what I should aim for to round out my "pre-raid" set.

I'm sitting at around 1450 healing in tree - not bad for not having stepped into heroics or raids yet. I'm quite happy with this starter set of gear that I have mashed together through quests and AH shopping sprees. Hopefully I'll get some time shortly to get a few more pieces, enchant and gem everything, buy some glyphs (heh), consider the various reps that I need to raise and for what benefit, plan out which badge items to get and in which order, and finally - do instances!

I can't wait to get back into healing :D


Gali said...

Grats on 80

So Kiiva is a reroll? or just a fun project to fill in time?

Erdluf said...

The Rejuv idol is nice, but go back and get Idol of the Raven Goddess. 44 SP for all your heals compared to 86 for one heal (of course that one heal will get spammed sometimes).

Also, do some Wintergrasp for fast Epics (some resil, but you can't have everything).

Anonymous said...

Grats Keeva!!!

If you need a "pre-naxx" list of gear, I did one over on my blog when I first started. I also believe that Syll over at rolling hots did a "which faction to grind" type post that points out all the helpful faction things for fresh 80s =)

Might help save some time!

Keeva said...

Gali - I'm not certain yet. I wanted to re-experience the Alliance side of the game and see where it took me. :)

Erdluf - unfortunately being a reroll and due to the nerfs to the 60-70 content, I don't have the LC rep required! Working on it slowly - but to be honest I will be getting the Idol of Awakening as soon as I can anyway - it is my idol of choice. If I can get Awakening quickly, I won't care about getting the Raven Goddess. It's good.. but it's not amazing.

I also can't stand PvP, so I'm afraid I won't be getting gear that way :P

Beru - thanks, I knew you guys had lists, I think there are a few out there - I just haven't had a chance to go looking yet. Things have been so hectic. I'm also having fun discovering hidden "treasures" when I go talk to quartermasters to see what they might have for me.

It's the clumsy way to do it - and ENTIRELY the opposite to my usual style (obsessive spreadsheets) but I'm enjoying it.

I just wish work would let up a bit so I had 5 minutes to myself to sit and plan out my gear :P

Nek said...

Congrats on hitting 80.

My resto druid is also getting there, I've made things a bit easier by levelling as boomkin as I was sort of able to mix and match gear when I'm healing instances.

Exzee said...

Grats On 80 Keeva!!
Gl on the alliance

Averna said...

Grats Keeva =D Glad to see you're enjoying the toon.

Aertimus said...

Sounds backwards to me!!! Isn't it awesome?

Yane (Yet another night elf) said...

One of my most fun times in WoW was trying to put together a tanking set as a non-raider back in BC. I could upgrade via crafted pieces, quest rewards and pvp, not just instance running.

I think that's one of the reasons I get bored at endgame - improvements come too slowly once you start raiding. All that is left is "wait for X to drop so I can bid on it". :/

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on 80! Reading about your progress really makes me want to pick up one of my Alliance characters and try this out for myself.