Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The new Empowered Touch - will you use it?

I actually always liked Emp Touch for the huge Healing Touches I could belt out if I needed to; but it wasn't very economical when Healing Touch is used so rarely (unless you're a HT glypher). Two points for something that I would use usually once per fight at most is a stretch. I loved those big (cue fanfare) "I'LL SAVE YOU!" moments, but two points to boost ONE spell that I use so rarely.. it was hard to justify.

Of course, this ties back in with my article on black sheep talents and the fact that you need to weigh these things up for yourself and your own situation.

What I'll likely do

I had a leftover point in Natural Perfection, with the reasoning that "1% crit is better than an empty slot." Concrete argument there ;P

I would have had 1/2 Emp Touch but I (currently) use HT so infrequently that it just wasn't warranted. It's a weak argument, but I went with 1% crit on Regrowth, blooms, and the occasional Nourish, over a boost to HT which I rarely use. I did miss my big emergency heals, though. I see this buff to Emp Touch as an excuse to get my big NS heals back :P Hooray!

So that was one point to pilfer, but where to get the other?

I'm likely going to drop a point in Living seed, making it a 66% chance of a seed rather than 100% chance. My overall talent spec would then look like this.

I don't like dropping a point from Seed because I really like it, but in the end, I prefer to put a point into something I can rely on to be boosted every time I use it (even if that is not very often), rather than an additional 33% chance to proc Living Seed, a spell that:
  • can only come from a portion of my heals (the direct ones);
  • is rarely valuable in a raid-healing situation;
  • after proccing, may expire without being used;
  • may or may not end up entirely as overheal; and
  • is of unreliable size.
There are too many "ifs" in there. I would rather know that my point is helping a particular spell full-time (even if that spell only gets moderate use), rather than applying to something only when the stars align themselves nicely.

Plus, a 66% chance is still quite a high chance - I'm not losing the whole talent. I will still get some Living Seed buffers when I direct heal.

A hybrid within a hybrid

It's important to note that the spec I mentioned is basically a "hybrid" resto build.

Look Ma, an analogy!
Original photo credit to Redken on Flickr.

By that, I mean that it doesn't focus on raid healing or on tank healing specifically. It's an "allrounder" spec.

I choose this middle-of-the-road option because I am mostly doing earlier raiding content, heroics, etc. I don't need to hone my talents or have them specialised for either raid healing or tank healing. I don't need to max out all of the tank healing talents at the expense of the raid healing ones, and vice versa. I've gone for a balanced spec that will serve me well in a range of situations.

Check out Restokin's post about 3.2 healing builds - it explains your options for more specialised raid healing and tank healing builds a little more, and where you might want to pinch those points from.

FYI, why I didn't drop the others

Nature's Grace - I've dropped points here before and there's a noticeable difference (and I don't like it). It feels slowww. I think NG makes a difference and I will avoid dropping points from here.

Revitalize - I like this one too much. I enjoy bringing something to raids that nobody else can. It's certainly not mandatory, your raid will do okay without it - but I like bringing it along.

GotEM - This was where I actually wanted to drop a point from, but I don't have the haste to support that yet. More importantly, I am still getting upgrades over blues and greens at the moment - I don't want to play around with this talent if my upgrades may cause my haste to fluctuate all over the place in the next few weeks. Plus - we all know how much I hate math and calculating ratings and whatnot.

What about you?

1. Are you going to take Empowered Touch, now that it also applies to Nourish?
2. If you didn't have it before, what talent points will you rearrange?
3. How does your usual assignment, play style, raid size and level of content affect your decision?


Aertimus said...

I yanked two points from Natural Perfection too for Empowered Touch. I don't have replenish in my tank heal spec, but I do have it in my other spec if the raid is hurting for mana, etc. Instead I have maxed Living Seed (I figure if I'm spamming Nourish on the tank I might as well have it) and put 3 points in Tranquil Spirit. I wasn't sure about this but my first run of the new 5 man spamming Nourish says I am glad.

Cullie said...

First and foremost thanks for the healbot vs grid, was really helpfully! I am main healing Ulduar 10 atm I am still using the T7 4pc bonus and norish glyph for monster heals so i am def taking this talent now it affects my main spam heal. I am still at work but all I can think of is where I am going to pull those points from :D

I didn't have it before so think I'll drop some points from seed but this early in the morning (Scotland) not really had a chance to look at my resto spec in depth.

I really wanna try this out as I am usually the MT healer if our pally is not present so can't wait to see how much a difference it makes. I usual pre load the tank with hots then spam nourish when needed :D but I'll see when I get home from work tonight and play around and see what works.

Thanks K for a great blog...

Shamir said...

Initially I would have said no way will I take Empowered Touch, I am not a paladin, but I may have to reconsider this. I got an idol in Ulduar that boosts the spell power of Nourish. I use it on those rare times when I am focussed on being a tank healer. Normally I roll HoTs on ranks and heal the raid. Our Raid Leader for Ulduar25 said that with the changes to paladin healing he may want me to become a tank healer instead. He thinks that the plate-wearers can heal the raid.

It's not cast in stone yet, but yes, if I do end up being more of a tank healer than a raid healer I'll likely switch some points around to make Nourish even more than it already is.

Kae said...

Healing 10-mans, I used it before just for the boost to NS+HT which often saved the tank's life, and will continue to use it, especially with the release of the coliseum. Our 10-man run last night against Icehowl saw me putting full hots on 2 tanks (though letting lifeblooms bloom around), and then spamming nourish as they dropped dangerously low in HP in spite of it. I used a lot of nourish last night! I'm grateful for the boost to nourish's power.

Anonymous said...

I still haven't decided what to do with empowered touch.

I tend to use nourish frequently in our 10 mans, but it's often less than 5% of my overall healing in the 25 mans, and I'm on the raid about 95% of the time.

I have one point in Improved Barkskin currently, that I could probably drop easily enough, but I have grown fond of it during our work on hard mode boss in Ulduar, which will will continue working, at least until our second fragment holder gets his mace (he's at 7 shards currently, I think).

While I do have one point in my build that I think I could easily enough part with, I really don't know where I'd take a second point to toss into empowered touch, if I decided to play with it. I guess living seed, like Keeva?

Then again, I am also still struggling with add two talent points to buff a spell I use very infrequently in my main raids.

Blargh! I don't know what to do! =(

Ian said...

I won't be taking it, I spend most of my time on raid healing spamming rejuve and wild growth.

I do plan to respec soon and put points in Revitalize. For many fights all I do it chain cast rejuve across the raid, so it might be worth it.

Niniel said...

1. I'm going to take it
2. One point from Tranquil Spirit (had 2 there), one point from Living Seed.
3. Depending on the fights I'm either tank or raid healing. I heal the Mimiron P3 hunter tank, I'm portal healing on Yogg, raid healing XT and Thorim and backup tank healing on Hodir etc so I may use the same build for all but switch between the Nourish glyph and Rejuvenation glyph for hard modes. It will be useful enough to motivate picking it up for me.