Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A plaintive request: Chillmaw and friends

Dear Blizzard,

The Threat From Above quest is very poorly designed.

I am tired of rocking up to the little snowy plateau to find 20-30 people all "waiting" for their "turn" (and I use these terms VERY loosely) to tag Chillmaw.

Now, waiting I can handle. That's fine.

What I can't stand is a bunch of random people standing around, racing each other to tag him, then a mess of people tagging the cultist NPCs (either on purpose or by accident with AOE), meaning that the group who tagged Chillmaw has missed out on one or all of their adds, and will now either have to steal from another group (thus perpetuating the problem), or wait until the end and do the quest all over again. The "cycle of hate continues," as one forum poster put it.

If that doesn't draw out the process long enough, invariably some group will have 5 members but one is still dawdling at the Crusade area, so they'll do the quest, then the 5th turns up and they decide do it all over again for that slow member, while everyone else has to wait (again).

The other day I was invited with a friend to join a group - we were told "we have two spots left", so we dropped group and asked for an invite. "Sorry, 1 spot now :(". So we didn't bother to join, and chose to wait and do it ourselves after that group had finished. But when they ENGAGED Chillmaw, there were only 3 people there. Not a full group of five. Halfway through, another DK turns up, and the group has to do the quest over again because he didn't get full credit.

Friendly players will also try to help, but inadvertently tag the adds with AOE or otherwise. I am guilty of this - I hit kitty swipe and then realised my folly. It was an accident, but caused the group to have to start over. This kind of thing happens a lot.

Then there's the completely innocent, random stealing of adds: yesterday I was standing off at a distance, minding my own business (waiting) and one of the cultists ran all the way over to me and started belting me. Not wanting to "steal" the mob from the group, I shadowmelded, and luckily after a few hits from someone else, it was re-tagged to them. I must have looked at that one funny.

Why this quest just plain sucks

One mob for 20-30 people who want to kill him at any given time.
Deliberate and accidental tagging of the adds.
No "queue", just people jostling to have their turn.

Add in the warlock standing on the hill deliberately griefing by tagging over and over, and this really has to rank as one of the worst designed quests I've ever known.

Please make it a SUMMON quest, so that you don't have to wait around for it to respawn and then miss out because some jerk ninja-tagged it for the 5th time. And make the adds automatically link to tagging the dragon, so people can't rob you of credit and force you to do the whole thing over again, or incourage people to steal from the next group in line.

Please think really hard before ever making a quest like this again.

Love, Keeva


nosecrusher said...

i've been fortunate and had this problem (too badly or too frequntly). theres rarely more tha 1-2 groups waiting and chill is often flying by his lonesome. in any event, i finished up all those quests (hello heirloom chest!) so i dont have to worry antmore

Keeva said...

It's usually not too bad, 2 or 3 groups waiting (sometimes none).. but yesterday there must have been about 20-30, with more arriving all the time and cutting in "line". A warlock was standing at the back, deliberately tagging, and there must have been 10 people on the ground all trying to get the cultists - whether they were griefing or playing catch-up from being robbed earlier, I have no idea.

We gave up and didn't do the quest at all in the end. Just too painful.

Unless you're lucky and it's not crowded (and unless you're on a polite server) you can't simply wait your turn and do the quest quickly and cleanly. The current format basically forces you to be a jerk and elbow your way in to tag him, and then steal mobs (proactively or in retaliation) if you want to get the bloody quest done in less than an hour.

I don't mind waiting for respawns.. but having so many people waiting for ONE mob, and then for the other half of the quest to be ruined by outside parties, forcing you to do the entire thing over again and make the queue wait even longer.. ARGH.

Dumb design. And so easily fixed, that's the frustrating thing.

Saunder said...

What a great idea to solve the problem for all! Of course, you'll never be able to fix stupidity, but the rest is certainly annoying.

aurik said...

Are you on a PvP server? Chillmaw seems a really hot spot for ganking at particular times of the day.

Keeva said...

Thankfully, no.

I created Keeva because I wanted to get away from PvP servers. World PvP, for the most part, is a nuisance. An annoyance when I am trying to get other things done, and I know I have a limited amount of time to do them.

I hate it when people waste my time.

Gali said...

Beat the school children rush and do it before 1pm server time. Usually not a single person there :)

Cassandri said...

That sucks Keeva!

Personally I think that the cultists should be auto-tagged to whomever tagged Chillmaw.

It's pretty rare for it to get that busy though. You must have bad timing.

Malstram said...

I can definitely think of some choice words I would have had for that warlock. I've never seen this problem on Medivh. Actually, I assumed the cultists did bind to the Chillmaw tag (thanks for the info) and I usually help out other groups in moonkin form by nuking chillmaw then hurricaning the cultists when they appear.

Actually, funny thing is last time there was a horde group when I got there and I waited till they tagged and then cut lose. The tauren druid thanked me and his group helped me with chillmaw after I tagged it. :)