Sunday, August 2, 2009

The race I would most love to play is...

I think Vrykul are awesome. Apart from being undeniably inherently awesome, they also look fantastic - especially the females. They're not stick-thin, "pretty" girls like the other mostly-humanoid races in the game (humans, elves, etc). That's probably why I love orc girls as well - because they're not pretty.

I don't like to play ugly girls, I do like them to be feminine.. but I prefer characters that don't necessarily look like fashion models. Vrykul girls look like girls.. but they still have that warrior look about them. They're attractive, certainly, but you probably won't find then dancing on letterboxes for gold - they have better things to do than to have men fawning over them.

Like.. making necklaces out of your entrails.

(I was never really into the whole arts and crafts thing, myself..)

Figure 1: Vrykul girls will kick your ass six ways from Sunday.

I LOVE Vrykul and wish I could play one.

It's your turn! Which race would you love to be able to play and why? Choose any race you like (even if doesn't exist in the game). Include a picture if you can.


Anonymous said...

Pandaren :-)

Notabear said...


Most assuredly NOT goblins.

But I would like to take this moment to point out that there needs to be Gnome Druids.

Need Dps? /Kitten
Need heals? /Bush
Need Caster? /Chickie
Need tank? /Bear Cub
Need to swim? /Goldfish
Need to get away? /baby cheetah

Need models? Check Noggenfoger.

Gnome. Druids. Go.

Anonymous said...

Furbolg's for sure, reason being I believe they have a purpose, they are interesting and they totally stand out in my opinion.

Notabear said...

Yeah they stand out alright. With their little bear man thongs >.<

Two said...

I loved doing the Vrykul quests in Storm Peaks, change into birdform and you fly as is, no wings no flying mount just standing there in mid air I had a blast. Although reading the anonymous comment for Furblogs I'd have to go with that just because they'd fit in so well with druid lore.

Shayzani said...

The only thing I don't like about the Vyrkul are the terrible helmets. They really bother me for some reason. As a playable race they'd be fantastic.

Anonymous said...

This! Dude, I totally can't agree more. However, I must admit that only recently I gave up trying to craft an Avatar of Freya costume for Blizzcon. She's another badass chick, eh? I think she's the same model as the Vrykul.

Blue Ladies forever! ;)

Hana said...

I totally would go for playing as a Vrykul gal. I loved being in disguise as one and I like being a girl without being delicate.

Nosecrusker said...

Would it be wrong to choose none-of-the above?

I'm not against new races (or clases), but I have very little desire to re-roll a new toon.

And I don't think Blizzard is going to add a new race, actually. I think the halloween masks are there to throw us off. They'll add something new and very exciting - like the races in BC and the hero class in Wrath. But whatever it is, we're not expecting it.

Keeva said...

Well, I don't think I'll ever get to be a Vrykul because the window for introducing them has kinda passed... if they were going to be playable, it would have been in Northrend, logically. But I still wish I could!

As for Worgen and Goblins, I'll believe that when I see it.

One thing is certain though... Worgen would be the new Blood Elf paladins.

Treediculas said...

The Kalu'ak for sure! Their casting animations are terrific, and they have the most wondrous facial hair.

Anonymous said...

I'd like Kalu'ak or Vrykul (or both! Kalu'ak for alli, Vrykul for horde)Vrykul would be beast. like 10 ft of kickass wrapped in awesomeness with a sick beard (for guys) to boot! and the Kalu'ak are walrus people! What could possibly be NOT cool about them?!